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Save Money on business travel

by on Jul 13, 2011

Save money on airline tickets by booking trips a month in advance. Where possible, schedule flights for the middle of the week (Tuesday- Thursday), and try to fly into alternative airports. For domestic flights, look into discount airlines, such as Southwest and JetBlue.

The Internet is a powerful tool in helping small businesses locate low-cost airfare. To make your searches more efficient, go to This site sifts through airfares as well as hotel rates, and other travel products from over 140 different sources. Choose the offer you want and will direct you to a site where you can buy the ticket.

If you will be bringing a lot of luggage with you, then be sure to check the luggage fees beforehand and shop around. Where possible try to avoid checking in luggage.

If you will be driving your car to the airport, then be sure to park it in a long-term, off-site parking lot to avoid an outrageous expense when you come home.
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